Shears - Meeting Room

that make meetings meaningful

In need of a conference room for the morning or afternoon? Choose from a selection of designer spaces with tech amenities FOR GATHERINGS of 6 to 40-plus. We have several private and semi-private meeting areas throughout the building with flexible set up options.
Mackinaw - Meeting Room


Up to 8 People

Sit back and relax in this space, thoughtfully designed with leather sofas and lounge seating. The darker interior design takes a queue from the room's namesake - a historic Pacific Northwest article of clothing originally made for workers in the timber industry. All rentals include ClickShare access for your A/V needs, or use the space as it was designed - to unplug and brainstorm your next great idea.

Shears - Meeting Room


Up to 10 People

Gather your team or clients around a grand marble table with additional pop-in seating for overflow guests. This room was named after the Pinking Shears invention and includes notions and sewing-themed decorations from days gone by. But don't worry, all rentals also include modern tech amenities including access to a ClickShare conferencing system with TV/Speaker/Camera to support virtual team video conferencing.

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